Repairs of the dents caused by hail-storms, parking or transport of a car bodies without the need of painting in all the Czech Republic and Europe PDR (Paintless Dent Removal)

Start of a firm and its history,  by the owner, Mr. Pavel Chudý

Our firm devoted itself to car body repairs from ist start in 1998. I was collecting many experiences from abroad for more than 5 years before starting my firm. I am applying my experiences and knowledge in my company and now I am sharing them with my co-workers in right way to achieve the best work accuracy and top quality.

The TOP QUALITY of our work became our philosophy and by longstanding work experience and KNOW-HOW it is, what our competitors envious us for.

The reason for starting the repairs of car body dents by PDR method (paintless dent removal) was, that we are aware of great losses and claims, which causes only one dent and follow-up painting of the new car body – the value of the car could decrease at about 20%, because the non-original painting by the purchase of this car means the customer’s no-confidence, the car will be the same as originally.

The biggest problem was, to persuade the technical and ordinary people not knowing of this technology,  this method is really functional and the quality of the repair is truly perfect. As the repair is practised by nearly horological precision, after its ending is undistinguishable, that there was some damage ever before. The time needed for the repair is many times shorter than by classical method of hammering, cementing, brushing and painting.

Longstanding formic work is getting worthwile and the results are already concrete and tangible. Everybody can persuade themselves about it in our references and by many satisfied customers, who knows, that they can rely on us and recommend us to their partners.

Our goal is the highes possible quality and your satisfaction