PDR method

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) is a technique that massages the back of a damaged area with the use of specialised PDR tools to remove dings and dents. PDR technique leaves unbelievable results with no damage to existing paintwork and treated areas do not need brushing, filling or re-spraying. PDR technique conserves the original lines and anti-rust properties that came with your car from the factory.

PDR is a revolutionary technique, that is fairly new to the Czech Republlic, but in the World exist more than 15 years. Our company deal with this method around the same time, so we have a very big advantage before our competition companies in both the fastness and the quality of repairing.

A PDR Technician can remove all types of dents, the size of 10cm or more (on condition, that its depth not reaches more then 1/3 its diameter), pieces including creases, high spots, trolley dents even dents the size of footballs. Depending on the size and complexity of a dent it can take between 5 and 30 minutes to remove a dent using PDR. In the case of uncertainty of repair possibility, it is necessary to send us the photos of damaged areas to our email address.

It is also possible to repair the aluminous parts of car bodies, but this is worse reparable and the repair is more expensive. So it is better co consider the economical evaluation of these parts at first. We will do no more damages during the repair, so we provide you with 2 year anti-corrosion warranty.

In case of such bad damages caused by hail or parking, that it is not possible to repair the part without painting, this body part can be pre-straightened for painting without the need of using cementation (painter should only pre-brush prepared place, etc.). The way of final repair will be much easier and needed time much shorter.

In case of need to demount some part, to allow the repair, this demounting is done by the service, who is requesting the repair (the reason is the best knowledge of car body construction by authorized service). These repairs are done also in your service (you will call today, we are here tomorrow)

There ale 2 main techniques in the PDR method: